Get your warehouse up and running with our warehouse management system .

Your warehouse needs new technology and a modern system to improve your overall warehouse organization? You want to max out the potential of your warehouse update your logistics infrastructure and saving money at the same time? Real-time traceability and stock accuracy is an issue in your warehouse?

With our comprehensive warehouse management system and our logistics system we can support you to plan, establish and run the perfect warehouse.

Accountability & stock control

Are you depending on individuals to locate items or provide you with stock information? New request for more staff in the warehouse but not sure why or what they are doing? 

You need:

  • A Warehouse Management System to track and provide accountability for every operation in the warehouse
  • A system to help plan warehouse resources, stock control and ensure right delivery

Traceability & reports

On demand stock reporting seems to be a dream? Desire more reports on your warehouse operations? 

You need:

  • A EMA WMS that is able to track your goods at all times
  • Real-time reporting for every sector in your warehouse

Meeting standards & quality of goods

Facing problems meeting export and local quality requirements? Goods delivered are damaged, expired or not meeting the standard of handling? 

You need:

  • Quality check of goods before they leave your warehouse
  • Auditable process flow information to facilitate export certification requirements