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EMA is Africa enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best. EMA help enterprises to collects and processes data from all functions and departments in a business on one cloud platform. EMA software is essential for all industries like Construction, manufacturing, Logistics, distribution, Technology, Media …

EMA helps Enterprises and their Subsidiaries to transition to a modern, data-driven and productive workplace, at the country and international level. We are in the midst of technological change – Clients are demanding quicker services and support, companies that are delaying into simplification and automation of their business process are at  risk of being reactive and overburdened with transactional activities, hindering their ability to quickly serve their Clients, lose money and Customers or procure essential services in a timely manner.

Furthermore, many internal processes are on disparate systems or remain offline, hindering Organization’s ability to pull reports and data to support planning, decision-making and reporting. Such hurdles can be overcome with our EMA software . As an organization, sometimes we lack an integrated view of our key data assets which leads to laborious, manual processes to reconcile disparate data sets, and prevents employees from efficiently planning and identifying trends and opportunities.