Make your CRM truly powerful by capturing every conversation that any of your employees have had with your customers. With Projecto CRM's integration with Projecto Books, you can connect your front office and back office activities and unleash the full, true potential of your CRM.

Bridge the gap between your sales and finance teams with Projecto CRM and Projecto Books.

Know everything about a customer.
When your sales and finance apps are connected, you have all the information you need about a customer in one place. With Projecto Books and Projecto CRM integration, your sales team will have access to complete customer's credit history, purchase patterns, and payment details.

Increase efficiency in business processes.
You can automatically update your customer activities and information across your various teams and avoid recording inconsistent or incorrect data about your customers. Instead of spending time duplicating customer information, your teams can close more deals and chase late payments.

Automate business workflows.
You can reduce the delay in sending quotes or invoices to customers by automating the entire process. The moment a potential is won, an invoice is automatically created and ready to be sent to the customer.

Know the availability of the product.
Projecto Books keeps track of the current inventory level for all available products. When creating a sales order in Projecto CRM, a salesperson will see if a product is available for sale or not. If the product is unavailable, purchase department can be contacted to re-order goods immediately.

Simple yet completely customizable.
The powerful customization features of Projecto CRM extends to Projecto Books as well, giving you total control over how your data is managed. You can choose which information you want to push to your accounting software and who has access to it, and more.

Provide excellent customer experience.
It's important for teams to have access to the same data so customer questions can be answered immediately. With the CRM and Books integration, any updates you make to in the customer information will be visible to everyone in your sales and finance teams as well.