It’s no secret that business trends these days lean towards robust teams all across the globe. If you are like so many other companies that hire remote workers, you need an effective way to collaborate with all your key players.

Part of the goal of the PROJECTO software is to make collaboration a cinch. As such, they have a built-in calendar to view projects, interactive message boards, and chat rooms where employees can discuss projects as needed.

Additionally, PROJECTO comes complete with its own Intranet where you can build company specific Wiki Pages. For Collaboration PROJECTO SOFTWARE include Feeds as one of the important feature that acts like a social network to help you better coordinate your projects. With Feeds, anyone on your team can post a quick update or question to the group. This helps you save time by avoiding long meetings and/or phone calls for discussions that only take a few moments of time.

You can also select “Activity Stream” within Feeds to see updates chronologically. That way, you can rest assured you never miss an update from someone on your team.

Google is definitely a leader in business application industry. PROJECTO SOFTWARE makes project management easier by integrating into Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar.

With this integration, you can easily sync your tasks with your Gmail account, put tasks in your Google Calendar, and attach files from the Google Drive.

Instead of switching between your project management tool and Google accounts, you can work with both applications in one convenient location.

Dropbox is another biggie in the business world, and PROJECTO knows it. That’s why they also have a smart Dropbox integration.

This integration helps you sync files into Dropbox or bring files from Dropbox into PROJECTO  all instantaneously. When you use this integration, you have a centralized location to find all files, and you never have to switch between apps…unless you want to.

Project Chat: Sometimes it’s overkill to call a meeting, set up a Skype chat, or call someone on the phone to get updates about projects or ask simple questions. This is where Project Chat comes in handy.

Project Chat provides the opportunity to collaborate in real-time with colleagues. You can set up private chat rooms on various topics and invite relevant participants. Additionally, the transcript is saved in the chat room, so you can refer back to it whenever you want.

Project Forums is similar to Project Chat in that it helps team members across the globe connect and collaborate, but it is set up as a forum rather than a chat room.

For example, you can post a forum topic, enter your content, and then organize your topic into categories. You can also post images to express yourself and watch and unwatch topics at your leisure.