Manufacturing and material management


Deliverable #4: Track and manage each step of the manufacturing process.



Manufacturing companies are facing challenges to keep track of their operations and materials. Our flexible production management solution supports the entire spectrum of manufacturing styles, from high volume to engineertoorder, and coordinates orders, equipment, facilities, inventory, and work-in-progress to minimize costs and maximize on-time delivery.


For material management, our software will help you to optimize inventory, reduce costs, and streamline supply chain operations. It can help you plan and schedule production in a way that no inventory is wasted and the final products are shipped on time.


Features and Functions

  1. Work Order Entry
  • Assembly or Advanced Manufacturing
  • Outstanding Work Orders
  • Non closed Advanced Manufacturings
  • Inquiries and Reports
  1.  Cost Bill of Material Inquiry
  • Material Costs for Included Items
  • Inventory Item Where Used Inquiry
  • Items Used in Manufacturing/Assemblies
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Work Order Inquiry
  • All Work orders.
  • Maintenance
  1. Bills of Material

  • Items Included in Work Order
  • Work Centers
  • Places for Production