Sales  and Bill Tracking

Deliverable #2: Keep Track records of identified Sales, Purchases and Expenses digitally for each project or department with assigned staffs. 



A lot of companies are losing money due to loss of track on income and related expenses, our Software helps organization to manage business process,   pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses and reports. The software includes capabilities for employees to input expenses for approval.  Expense management software simplifies and automates a business’ expense entry, streamlines review, eliminates paper trail, and reduces administrative effort. The software allows administrators to have full visibility of and track employee use of business financial resources. The software analyzes overall expenses, identifies cost-saving opportunities, and controls excessive spending.

Features and Functions

·         Track Proforma Invoices and Reports

·         Track Invoices and reports

·         Track Debtors and reports

·         Track Income and reports

·         Track Client's details and reports

·         Track Expenses and reports

·         Track Client status and reports

·         Follow up and assigned staffs