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Inventory is essential to the success of your company and its ability to grow revenue and maintain customer satisfaction. EMA Cloud Inventory Management is a complete materials management and costing solution that enables you to gain full visibility and control of the flow of goods across your organization’s stores, sites and even global supply networks. It helps you increase customer satisfaction, decrease costs, and optimize inventory and working capital investment.

EMA Stores and Materials Management is a comprehensive solution designed to automate, streamline, and control inventory flows both inside the company and across complex global supply networks.

EMA Stores and Materials  Management enables companies to orchestrate transactions combining end-to-end physical, financial, and transactional flows across the EMA Cloud Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing (SCM) product family in the Ideate-to-Commercialize, Plan-to-Produce, Source-to-Settle, Requisition-to-Cash, and Maintain-to-Optimize integrated business processes. 

Companies need to effectively manage their Materials from requisition through the point of utilization or order fulfillment in stores, construction sites, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

EMA Stores and Materials  Management provides full insight into complex materials management operations through intuitive dashboards that provide a complete view of materials status, stores balance, materials movement reports from one store to another, from one store to production or construction sites,  stock levels, and the multiple transactions across locations. Our dashboard allow users to drill into the details behind them, permission for confirmation on all functions from head of departments, view activities requiring attention, and take action within and across your facilities to resolve them.

With EMA Stores and Materials Management, you can:  

  1. Access balances in all stores from main stores to small stores and sites,
  2. You can monitor, and manage different material statuses, track lots and serial numbers,
  3. Manage proper stocking and handling of different types of materials.  Initiate Material issues, requisitions, confirmation, receipts, counts, and transfers of material from one store to another and across all facilities.
  4. Simplify classification of materials and identify problem products or handling in your facilities using flexible approvals and controls. 
  5. Avoid costly delays with the robust min-max planning capabilities to replenish from your suppliers, manufacturing plants, other internal organizations, or from bulk stocking locations.
  6. Reduce your overall Materials cost by consigning inventory from your suppliers and only pay for what you use.

Materials Replenishment

 Stock outs can be costly to your business, leading to lost revenue and customer loyalty. Materials replenishment ensures companies maintain enough stock on hand to fulfill expected customer orders and meet production schedules.

EMA Stores and Materials Management provides robust Min/Max planning capabilities to replenish stock from your suppliers, construction sites, manufacturing plants, or internal stocking locations such as stores, warehouses and distribution centers. It also allows you to define replenishment policies that set the minimum and maximum inventory levels for each stocking and item location to meet required service levels.


Order Fulfillment


Whether processing customer orders or internal transfers from within your organization, EMA Stores and Materials Management’s capabilities skillfully manage fulfillment operations. It orchestrates order fulfillment through the ability to reserve on-hand or on-order supply, and pick goods using configurable rules designed to efficiently manage the flow of materials through stores or warehouses to the staging areas and shipping dock.

Materials Management leverages Supply Chain Orchestration capabilities to manage complex fulfillment scenarios such as drop shipping directly from suppliers to your customer, or back-to-back fulfillment which links inbound shipments to customer orders while ensuring the designated items cannot be used fulfill other orders. Back-to back fulfillment is especially critical when shipments need to adhere to specific schedules and meet high customer satisfaction requirements.

Executing the perfect order often requires companies to transfer inventory between internal distribution centers(stores) to satisfy shifting customer demand. Similarly, it might involve combining stock from several locations to fill an order comprised of multiple items.

Internal material requests move inventory across your distribution network based on specific needs such as customer demand, advanced supply planning, replenishment needs, back-to back supply requests or requests from internal users. Internal Material Transfers leverage execution rules to determine the best way to execute transfers between company locations. EMA Stores and Materials Management determines whether the requested transfer is an Inventory Transfer Order to facilitate supply transfers between stocking locations or a Purchase Order to acquire supply from internal profit centers. Materials Management uses the same flexible, fulfillment processes used to fulfill customer orders to manage internal material transfers with precision and speed. Executing the perfect order also depends on rapid delivery. Consumers expect delivery within days of placing an order and manufacturers depend on timely delivery to avoid production delays and lost revenue.

EMA Materials Management can be intergrated with EMA Cloud Logistics Management   to complete the order-to-fulfill cycle through transportation planning and execution. Combined, they save time and reduce costs by streamlining the workload of your operations workforce when releasing, picking, and packing orders. It also expedites fulfillment and reduces transportation costs by matching specific orders and required delivery schedules to carrier selection, load optimization, route planning, and other variables with customer expectations. After delivery, customers often need to return goods due to issues like a product recall, failed quality inspection, or receiving the wrong product.

EMA Materials Management simplifies the process of returning goods to suppliers to provide a seamless experience.

Goods Receive Note:

Efficient Inbound Operations Whether receiving shipments from suppliers, outside service providers, or internal facilities, EMA Cloud Materials Management streamlines inbound operations including receiving, inspecting, and putting goods away.

Standard integrations to mobile partner solutions help receiving agents increase their efficiency by allowing them to quickly scan newly arrived shipments which immediately updates source documents such as purchase orders, transfer orders or work orders to ensure full visibility into inbound shipments. This also ensures that inventory balances are fully up to date.

 The receiving process also helps enforce policies and agreements with configurable controls such as date and quantity tolerances while remaining flexible with receipt routings to enable multi-step receiving allowing warehouse operators to pick up goods at the receiving dock or inspection areas and put them away in the warehouse or route them to their final destination.

Managing Material Stores Networks

Many companies in Africa operate complex supply networks with stores , warehouses and distribution centers located in multiple locations. From Main stores  to sophisticated distribution centers, managed internally or by third parties, the resulting intricacies can further complicate the ability to manage inventory, material movements across locations or stores, and order fulfillment. EMA Materials Management simplifies complex distribution operations by operating as a hub and linking separate facilities and systems to provide full visibility and control across all facilities.