Deliverable #1: Keep Track records of identified Opportunities, Prospects and Leads digitally with assigned staffs. 




Organizations are losing opportunities, Prospects and Leads everyday by allowing their staffs to keep records of the potential opportunities, Prospects and Leads in their notebooks manually. It is even more difficult and impossible to track Client’s calls, comments, attachments or even reminder for follow up. Good news, with our Software you can simplify and automate everything and keep track records of everything digitally.

Features and Functions

1)    Opportunity analysis and tracking

  • ·         You can keep track records of identified opportunity for follow up.
  • ·         You can estimate the Probability of winning.
  • ·         You can arrange the opportunity into Stages of development
  • ·         You can estimate the Expected Income
  • ·         You can produce Reports
  • ·         Files Sharing and search

2)    Leads/Client analysis and tracking

  • ·         Keep track Details about Lead
  • ·         You can keep track of Call & Meeting Records with each prospect or lead or Client for follow up
  • ·         You can keep track record of Follow up and assigned staffs
  • ·         You can keep track of Comment, attachments & feedback
  • ·         You can keep track of Tasks need to be involved and assigned staffs.
  • ·         The Software can Remind you with a Calendar on what need to be done and when,
  • ·         You can prepare a Proposal and even be approved digitally
  • ·         Reports
  • ·         Team Collaboration and Communication
  • ·         Files Sharing 


Deliverable #3: Make every project a success. Map out each step and organize all the details of your work in one place.. EMA CLOUD PLATFORM can help create and manage your projects efficiently. You can plan, track, and collaborate effectively and get your projects done faster.




Productivity is very challenging to most of the companies. With EMA Software you can Plan and organize projects in a way that’s best suitable for your team. Assign tasks, filter and view data based on priority, and keep essential details front and center.


Team collaboration,  communication and document sharing

Deliverable #6: Allow internal communication and documents sharing


Features and Functions

  • The software help Internal communication between staffs , leaders and assigned tasks, reports etc..
  • The software allow Email communications, SMS
  • The software allow Internal Chats
  • Internal Meetings within the system.
  • Office resources, documents sharing, knowledge centers and support tools
  • Remote staffs

Features and Functions

  • Analyze and track each task with task name and assigned staff.
  • Each task can be tracked Related to the project
  • Assign Date start of the task  and End date of the task or project
  • Analyze and track task or project Costing
  • Analyze Progress reached for a project or task (%)
  • Analyze Task status (Completed or not )
  • Analyze and track whether it is Revenue related or not
  • Analyze each Department and tasks, performance of each staff in their departments and the performance of each department
  • The project is Related Branch if any Communication and team collaboration