Digitalize your signing process today with the first electronic signature software established in Tanzania.

Easy to Use, Legally Binding
Enable your customers to sign the documents right from where they are with zero paperwork.

Projecto eSignature
Go paperless! Eliminate all the odds and manage your signing process with Projecto confidently and securely. Make use of Projecto’s eSign to get your Estimates, Contracts, and Work Orders signed online from anywhere round the clock.

Easy Execution
Enable your customers to Type, Draw, or Upload their signature right from the document. The process is secure and the signature is legally binding just like a conventional signature. Email the signed copies of the document to all the parties automatically.

Change Management
Be a step ahead! Let your customers address their queries in the document itself and skip communication on multiple platforms. Empower your customers to highlight the areas of concern and tag the associated party to interact directly.

Smooth Audit Trail
Effortlessly email the documents for signature or have the documents signed in-person. Create your digital signature today and send the copies of your signed documents. Smartly track the document status for each recipient and send prompt reminders.

Sign in Sequence
Don’t stress over missing the hierarchy while signing. The Sequential flow of Projecto allows you to decide the order to be signed. Utilize the personalized tools to prepare your documents for signature with zero dissatisfaction.