• Key Business Features

    Key features that business users can take advantage of include:

    Admin Account

    Collaborate while maintaining control by naming one or multiple administrators. The team’s admin will manage licenses, rights, and billings.

    Task Automations

    Automate your tasks and processes to work more efficiently and automatically keep stakeholders in the loop about project progress.


    Visualize all tasks in a project on a color-coded calendar. Plan who should work on them and when.

    Roles & Permissions

    Assign different roles to project collaborators to control who can modify projects, manage integrations, set up workflows. Choose between admin, member, comment-only or view-only rights.

    Time Tracking

    Manage your time more effectively with Projecto’s built-in time tracking. Find out exactly how long it takes you and your team to complete tasks, and get insights into which tasks are taking the longest.

    Team Projects and Sharing

    Create team projects that your team can join on their own. Create groups within your team to better manage access. Give or revoke rights to multiple team members at once.

    Agile Task Management

    Organize and manage tasks in Kanban-style project boards. Create information-rich tasks by adding attachments, links, checklists, and custom fields.

    Statistics and Reports

    Get insights into your team's productivity and tracked time. Download reports about open, overdue, and completed tasks at the click of a button.

    Custom Fields

    Define custom fields for your projects. These fields automatically appear within each task, reminding team members to complete this information.

    You also have centralized access to all of your projects, so you know who each task is assigned to, what deadlines you have coming up, and you can get a comprehensive view of each project.

    Additionally, you can break your tasks into subtasks, write comments on tasks, and even view tasks by dependency.

    Creating a dependency means one tasks is dependent on another, so your employees won’t be able to move forward with another task until the dependent task is complete.One of the coolest features of the project planning is the Kanban. The Kanban allows you to see  your workflow as cards you can sort by percentage completed, priority, or task list. This makes it easy for everyone on the team to visualize progress.

    • No more "Long, messy email threads" Create discussion topics and bring all your team and client discussions at one place eliminating long email threads. @Mention people to grab their attention and loop them in discussions. Find Out More here
    • No more "Important information spread out all over the place." Plan and present project-related data in a well-organized way. Assign tasks, share essential details, and capture every step of the project in one place. Get a clear idea of what needs to be done, which task is a priority. The powerful sorting and grouping give you the flexibility to arrange your work just the way you like. Find Out More here.
    • No more “Who'll be working on this next?”Divide tasks in workflow stages of your choice and decide who works on what part. Empower teams to self-manage with better understanding of workflows as they get notified of tasks moving from one stage to another. Find Out More here
    • No more “Poorly planned projects” Plan and visualize how pieces of your project fit together in a timeline view. Don’t let critical tasks get delayed and adjust your plans as work changes and deadlines shift the smarter way with task dependencies in Gantt chart. Find Out More here
    • No more "Missed deadlines and different calendars" Stay on the top of your schedule with recurring tasks, automatic reminders, and multiple calendar views. Merge your Projecto calendar with the ones you generally use and avoid referring to multiple calendars with Projecto.